Thursday, March 20, 2008

User Friendly?

I was very tempted to break the silence of the last few weeks with yet another ecclesiastical image; I've spent a lot of time recently hiding from the wind in churches. However I don't really possess a cruel streak so I've passed on the organ pipes, gothic windows and hymnals. Instead an image from the new religion.

To be honest I'm not sure what this is. I think it might be a super-thin Apple MAC. Very neat but where do you put all the bits that make it work? The big hard drive, the card readers, the DVD ROM, etc. Perhaps they're hidden round the back somewhere; I didn't look as the machine didn't really interest me.

I've always found MAC owners to be very defensive. They seem to have some personal vendetta against Bill Gates who, despite his leanings towards world domination, is one of the world's great philanthropists. Also the MACites are always bleating on about how superior their toys are. They probably are. So was the Betamax. Enough said. What if Windows does crash at the slightest provocation, like a change in the wind direction in the Outer Hebrides or you accidentally putting the milk in after the tea instead of before? It's not a perfect world - that would be boredom personified.

Incidentally this isn't a product shot I ripped off - I took it while setting the lights for a television programmes called The Gadget Show. It was a change to design the lighting for something that didn't involve poker players.